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Rye is a special place

People come to live in and around Rye because they love it here

But Rye has its challenges that must be met
Reasons for Setting up the Rye Fund

The Rye Fund would like to keep the best of the old and to encourage new initiatives which carry the very special quality of Rye into the future. Together, and with longer term vision, we will be able to improve the physical, social and cultural amenities of Rye.

Our objectives:
To provide an annual income that will be distributed in grants to voluntary bodies and charitable organisations for initiatives that benefit the local community living in and around Rye. Read more

To create a growth fund with interest re-invested and disbursements being made for specific capital projects concerning the built environment of Rye. Read more
Making it happen:

A number of local people have come together to establish The Rye Fund - which has been set up in conjunction with Sussex Community Foundation, an independent charity, which manages funds and distributes grants on behalf of donors within Sussex.

Growing the Fund

The Rye Fund has endowments of over £100,000. Whilst the interest on this sum can generate a useful contribution towards projects planned by local voluntary organisations, it cannot yet be considered capable of making a major impact.

We are asking for gifts and bequests to help reach our next target of £200,000. Will you please help us to build a really worthwhile fund that will benefit future generations.

What's New

Please see our What's New page which we keep up to date with current developments.

If you would like to find out more email us
The Rye Fund at Sussex Community Foundation, Registered Charity 1113226
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Protecting our past - enabling our future
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